Friday, September 9, 2011

What A Day

yo! round two! in the red corner, me. here comes the one, two:

lol anyway, today was pretty sweet. started off nice and early at 6, drove to base, and slept in the parking lot for 15 minutes. most of the day consisted of strategically placing generators around the flight line in preparation for the air show. i think its going to be pretty awesome. i had the privilege of watching pilots practice their flight routines. some of those guys are nuts. its one of those things i was awed by, but at the same time wanted to experience with family/friends. some sweet F-16's flew low overhead (real fast!) and the rumble of the jet engine was so loud it drowned out all the other noises and the reverberations literally shook to the core of my body. it was intimidating and awesome at the same time. thats some crazy power. there was also a guy in a bright red stunt plane. im pretty sure his goal in flying was to throw the plane into the most disorienting spins possible and then try to gain control of the plane again. i swore he was going to crash. he didnt. i wanted to do that. not like that i mean lol. anyway, it was really cool to see all that. i enjoyed it. im looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow and watching the reactions of all the people to see if maybe they felt the same way i did.

on the way to the hotel where im staying, i was starving. so i stopped at sheetz and got a turkey pretzel melt and a chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun, snapple peach tea, and a chocolate milk. in my excruciating hunger, i then sped "home" evading two cops in a daring high speed chase, narrowly missed a young mother pushing a stroller across the street, flattened two squirrels, a pigeon, and a plastic grocery bag, then came to a screeching halt after drifting three quarters of the way AROUND the hotel, perfectly centered in the parking spot. mad skills. then i ate my sandwiches (which tasted great) while watching hitch on tv and prison break on my laptop (yes, at the same time) and texting my sister (ish).

life is crazy, and hard, and fun, and worth it.

basic principles, there are none.

over and out,

joe for no reason

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  1. YEAH FOR PEACH SNAPPLE - you got your driving skills from me. :)